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A good reason to create ties

​We decided to launch a crowdfunding to start building together this space of collaboration, co-creation and mutual support. 

Even though we don't have the site yet, it has pushed us even more to use our creativity to initiate what we want to see flourish in the place: a network of trusted, committed people ready to live the collective experience of abundance in reciprocity. 

In this way, we are already putting in place the conditions for the emergence of a virtuous economy where each co-creator :

  • shares what resonates with them, 

  • can use their potential to offer the best in them to others, 

  • joins a group sharing common values, 

  • receives support from the group when needed, 

  • experiences receiving more than they give, 

  • (and the icing on the cake), contributes to the financial launch of the project.


We have taken advantage of the technology available today to gather, to inspire, to reflect and thus, to be able to propose packages of private sessions, activities and training courses, corresponding at best to what the world needs today.


We are grateful to all of the co-creators who have made it possible for this crowdfunding to come to life and we are already excited that as a contributor, you too can become a part of this project by choosing one or more packages that will make you happy.


In this way :

  • you take care of your own growth (by gifting yourself one or more packages),

  • you allow the co-creators to meet you and offer the best of themselves,

  • you show your interest in the project,

  • you support us by contributing financially,

  • and if the idea makes sense, you can offer one of these packages to someone who needs it.

Soutien précieux

Your valuable support will help to build momentum

Our collective currently consists of 5 committed households and 9 Co-creators to support the realisation of the founding vision.

We are beginning to look for a location while strengthening our collective and refining the various operating and governance charters.

This crowdfunding is also a springboard to start the foundations of this large-scale project in a more fluid and sustainable way. The more of us get involved and contribute, the more powerful the process will be, both in terms of human involvement (skills, time, collective stimulation), as well as in financial terms (the faster we reach the sum, the faster we can deploy).


The funds collected will be used to cover :

  • the running costs of the project (technological and technical costs, etc.)

  • the costs of service companies (graphic designer, webmaster, training in various tools, etc.)

  • administrative costs (legal and financial arrangements with notary, accountant, lawyer, etc.)

  • transport costs for the collective (site visits, meetings with the different stakeholders of the project...)

  • expenses for the collective's events (meetings with co-creators, partners, volunteers, etc.)

As we have decided to open our offers to 3 different price levels namely: Serenity, Harmony and Confidence, we are not sure of the exact amount we will raise. However, if all the offers/tickets are sold, we can raise up to 40,000€. That would be a fantastic and encouraging way to get a tangible, significant boost.


Vibes of Gratitude for your support!

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