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Today, we can support each other 

in our respective paths in several ways

​In order to achieve a deep, powerful and inspiring founding vision, we had to push our thinking on multiple levels of connection and involvement with each participant in the project. We are currently in a phase of building strong bonds of trust with the co-creators who are gradually joining this life adventure. This is an indispensable and precious process for the growth of each person and the development of the project.

The elaboration of the legal and financial set-up is firmly rooted in a vision that encompasses the entire project in its concrete aspects: purchase and development of the place, construction, legal status, rent, loans/repayments, provisional budget...

​Today, with all of the project’s stakeholders, we are in the process of materializing our legal and financial plan as we had envisioned it, incorporating everyone's wisdom and foresight

On our journey, even if our inspirations come essentially from the depth of our relationships, we are also well aware that the sooner we raise the necessary funds for the project, the closer we will be to achieving our vision. 

Thus, we invite you to actively participate in this project, to support it and bring it to life in various ways. Below, you may find more detailed explanations and action buttons!

There is no small donation, any donation that comes from the heart is welcome ;)

I'd like to contribute but I don't know how

Participate in this first crowdfunding


BEING A CO-CREATOR: by offering your multiple and sometimes unexplored talents for this crowdfunding.


BEING A CONTRIBUTOR: by showing your interest in the project and by enjoying the different offers proposed in the crowdfunding, you can contribute to its development.


As an individual

BEING A SOCIAL INVESTOR: because this project inspires you and you want to encourage another way of life we invite you to put your money to good use and contribute to the development of the project in a sustainable way. You lend a sum of money which will be repaid to you according to clear and transparent conditions. You will also be able to witness the virtuous impact of your investment (social, environmental, construction, development of the project).

BEING A DONOR / BENEFACTOR: because you are completely aligned with the founding vision, because you have a deep desire to see this project reach its full potential in the near future, we invite you to be part of this human adventure by transforming your donation into high impact funding  (social, environmental, construction, planning, project development).

BEING A VOLUNTEER: if you are enthusiastic about this project, if you want to be active in its evolution, if you have ideas (or time) to share, if you would like to learn about "living/collaborating/playing together", do not hesitate to contact us. The project is vast and ALL skills are welcome.


BEING A RESIDENT: if the founding vision (link to founding vision) profoundly echoes in you and you are ready to take the plunge because you can't see yourself living any other way, and you have gone through the questioning sheet (link to questioning sheet), you can contact us directly.

As a company

BEING A PARTNER: companies, associations or entrepreneurs, if you wish to collaborate with Le Champ du Présent, we can set up collaborative projects together, by sharing common values and by promoting our actions respectively.

​We will also offer the rental of our spaces on site for premises or different types of events: conferences, seminars, training courses, etc.


​BEING AN ASSOCIATE ENTERPRISE: if the vision of this project is in line with your entrepreneurial aspirations; if you have a deep-rooted impulse to use other models of collaboration, and if co-creating in a mutually supportive way between your company and Le Champ du Présent stimulates you, join us!

And you’ll be happy to know that…


In this project, it is possible to partake in several ways simultaneously, e.g. I can be a donor and a volunteer at the same time or I can be a resident, participate in the crowdfunding and be a partner.


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