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To acknowledge and value the cultural, living, thinking and behavioural differences.

Joy - Celebration

To fully celebrate life, and the events enabling the growth of each being and the development of the area.


To nurture sincere relationships, by being, acting and communicating authentically.

Co-operation - Co-creation

To encourage everyone’s impulse to contribute and be personally involved in the completion of projects and mandates.


To practice reasoned consumption, being aware and valuing the abundance surrounding us.

Kindness - Authenticity

To be and express oneself sincerely, with integrity,in alignment with our values of kindness and generosity

CDP_Plan 2.jpg

Our collective currently consists of

5 committed households and 9 co-creators

to support the realisation of the founding vision.

We are beginning to look for a site

while strengthening our collective and refining

the various operational and governance charters

THE VALUES are part of OUR VISION’s FOUNDATIONS, they support

the constitution of our functional and relational charters as well as our financial plan.

Legal status presentation

Shéma Aspects juridiques et financiers.

Financial presentation

Shéma Aspects financiers.jpg

The legal and financial status of the Community Interest Cooperative Company

guarantees the integration of everyone through the share capital.

The substantial contributions to the partners' current account make the purchase of the property viable

for solidarity lenders and banks.

Their loans are secured by the property that is purchased, developed and valued

as well as by the non-shareable reserve created and available as soon as the property is purchased.


The founding vision embodies and expresses the foundations of the project.

In order to fully integrate it into the building of the place, we have prepared a few essential documents.

An ethical charter 

Outlined in 7 points, it is the statement of the engagements we make once we decide to join this place. 

Our values are reflected/made explicit in the Ethical Charter (add hyperlink) 

A legal act

For the creation of Le Champ du Présent’s structure : it officialises/formalises its existence

A financial plan

To ensure the viability of this place, we are progressively developing financial plans with the collective.

Still in progress 

A relationship charter

This charter provides concrete means and tools to maintain a healthy collective, by nourishing trust-based and safe relationships..

Still in progress

A functional charter

This charter provides concrete means and tools to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the group’s actions and its modes of governance.

Still in progress

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