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Frequently Asked Questions

Ethics: what do we want to experience in Le Champ du Présent ?

It is an intergenerational place where we are attentive to our relationships, where we cultivate an awareness of what we do, and where we contribute to the growth  of each person's talents within a collective. As in any village, we share, we eat, we exchange, we invent, we laugh, we sing, we work, we dream too... In fact, we experience an Art of Living, where we combine in our daily lives the values that make us human beings.

Legal: what structure will le Champ du Présent adopt?

For its legal and economic existence, the Champ du Présent is a company that develops a virtuous economy: reasoned, innovative, redistributive. Its future is to be a foundation that will last beyond its founders.

Economic: how does le Champ du Présent operate as a business?

As a residence, the Champ du Présent is a grouped habitat: it collects the rents of its residents, and also offers everyone a space for practising physical, energetic and artistic practices, spaces for meetings and mutual support, a vegetable garden-orchard for quality food respectful of Life, etc.

As a hosting space, the Champ du Présent welcomes individuals or companies for retreats, seminars, workshops, or start-ups, entrepreneurs, micro-entreprises, working towards the human, social and environmental transition.

How is this project bold?

It is an experience of a humane, supportive, non-competitive society that lives in harmony with its environment and places individual growth at the centre of the collective, in a way that is perfectly compatible with a thriving economic development.

How can I participate in le Champ du Présent ?

We offer to experience reciprocity in abundance: the more I give, the more I receive, and the more I receive, the more I want to give.

You can support us with the crowdfunding, or join us as an individual or company, in different capacities (social investor / donor / benefactor / volunteer / resident / partner / associated company) or answer this questionnaire to dig deeper into where you'd really like to be involved in.

What are the stages of realisation of the Champ du Présent?

The founders have completed the constitutional stage in terms of vision and ethics.

The legal and financial stages are underway.

Several people are supporting the project by participating financially or via crowdfunding.

We plan to purchase the site in the first half of 2022, and to start activities in the second half of the year.

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