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Our intergenerational and entrepreneurial, environmental and technological, agricultural and life-friendly project places the growth of men, women and children who find it normal to live together in the HARMONIOUS exchange and sharing of a virtuous economy.

In order for all the members of the CICC to have their own space,

we are looking for :

  • a place of at least 6 to 8 ha,

  • at least 6-7 personal residences: houses - studios - 2-3 room flats,

  • rooms that can comfortably accommodate 30-50 bunk beds for temporary accommodation use (if possible already existing)

  • a professional kitchen + dining room for 30-50 people

  • 1 large collective practice room of at least 100m2 for dojo, seminars, conferences, concerts...

  • 1 small collective practice room of at least 50m2,

  • 2 therapist/massage rooms + changing room,

  • a coworking space - office - webinar studio and sound system of at least 50m2,

  • lands dedicated to common farming (large vegetable garden, then market gardening and orchard) + water points and if possible forest, river,

  • the possibility of setting up a tiny house, chalet or bivouac.


We are currently 5 households and 9 co-creators and we require existing, immediately habitable, space to move in upon acquisition.


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The objective after the site acquisition


The first 2 years will be necessary to reflect on a  long-term vision: 20 - 40 - 80 years and more...

Everyone brings their expertise to the table, for example

  • finding the right place to plant fruit trees 

  • renovating the existing buildings to move towards positive energy construction

  • using bio-sourced building materials

  • integrating cutting-edge technology into a virtuous economy etc. 

Together with specialists, we will reflect and work on the project’s integration in its surroundings, with a focus on the areas of: :

  • permaculture

  • construction

  • social finance

  • the environment

  • ecological technology

Our strength lies in our potential to build together

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