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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

A living and hosting place, where each individual is materially and spiritually supported to grow within a community, so that a united and deeply human society may blossom.

Becoming a united and profoundly human society

The development of the place aims to carry out and realise changes in individual and collective ways of life in order to uplift an entire human society in all of its dimensions.

Whatever our degree of involvement may be, we embody the principle of non-attachment so that this place may become a common home, in which the generations to come can participate towards the realisation of the Founding Vision.

Each one adopts a vision that surpasses one’s individuality and understands that the human adventure experienced at our own scale (inner) is responsible for human evolution at a global scale (outer).

Growth through material and spiritual guidance

This project participates in the adventure of consciousness that aspires for humans to thrive, allowing each one to evolve, to refine oneself along with the unfolding of the project. The purpose of this place is to be a space where freedom* is fully exercised in all areas of life, a freedom exercised responsibly by each individual and the collective.

*’freedom’ is the essence of being human, synonym of ‘love’, or ‘consciousness’.

Each one has the responsibility to become more conscious of who they are, and where their own path of evolution lies. The place is an area of guidance, learning where each individual may evolve at their own pace, taking into consideration their own educational, cultural and biographical background. Every individual finds ways and encouragement to pursue their path, whilst consistently sustaining their innate endeavours to transform.

The Founding Vision defines a direction more than an outcome: the materialisation process of the project is to be lived through a continual transformation and regeneration process for all involved.

The collective: a living and hosting place for all ages

The group is an uplifting force where each individual makes a distinctive contribution. The project incorporates specific mechanisms promoting guidance, mutual support and understanding on both a material and relational level. During the moments of sharing, celebrations, and gratitude based on individual and group successes, the existence of the group becomes tangible and strengthened, further reinforcing the trust in the Founding Vision (see Relational charter).

This project is a home for all the residents as well as a hosting place welcoming people on a temporary basis. Taking part in this project is driven by a deep willingness to host and share, all whilst preserving each one’s personal space. The act of giving and receiving creates joyful and receptive energy with the others, further enabling one's own transformation.

This dynamic is maintained through each stage of life: each person can live fully and entirely until their last breath. The different generations living together in this place learn from each other, creating ties that naturally inspire all to look after one another.

A virtuous economy: reasoned, innovative and redistributive

This project advocates for environmental and resources preservation, aiming towards:

  • balance in all forms of consumption (energy, food, water, etc. )

  • respectful food consumption for an autonomous and abundant environment

  • responsible management of waste and materials based on their life cycles

The place aims for developing a virtuous and redistributive economy through its activities (see socially responsible economy). Neither the collective nor the individuals have the objective to personally enrich themselves.

  • abundance: the group draws its strength from mutualising everyone’s competencies, generating effectiveness which in turn provides time for the development of each individual and the collective.

  • openness: the activities developed in this place play a role in the town’s life dynamics, contributing towards the realisation of the Founding Vision.

The financial wealth generated by the activities has the purpose of expanding one’s human qualities, as well as the sharing and diffusion of the project that will further enable its profusion and sustainability.

This place is also an innovation hub and enrols itself in modernity. The change and evolution of the current world ask us to fully take part in this mutation, all whilst preserving humanity’s essence and beauty. Associating the wisdom of ancestral techniques with today’s performing tools opens the path towards sustainable and enriching projects. Furthermore, by guiding all generations to express their full potential and creativity, we are planting the seeds for a world of unlimited possibilities.

One step further towards a more concrete presentation

Comfort and discomfort form an integral part of this adventure.

When I commit to this adventure, I consciously sign up for both.

A wholly human society

This place is not a place of refuge, nor an impulse to escape from a crumbling society: it is a place where we build a human society in all its dimensions. We have faith in humanity’s beauty and nobility and it is in this way that we want to experience our humanity. In this way humanity can be lived in its wholeness. We are consciously aware, in terms of quantity and quality, of the work (inner and outer) that must be carried out. (see relational charter)

A common asset:

towards making the land and other assets common goods

Bringing awareness to the fact that we arrived on this earth without possessing anything… and that we will leave in the same manner. There is to be no appropriation or desire to enrich oneself by speculatively exploiting a property. We choose to be loving and attentive tenants of this place (Earth) that welcomes us and enables it to beautifully develop in abundance for the good of all.

The adventure of the consciousness:

wherever I am on my path, I still have a way to go

I engage myself in the collective, aware of what I may not have discovered about myself, I will eventually discover in an amplified way through the connections made in the group. I commit to using the self-consciousness and transformational tools proposed, to genuinely become who I truly am (the blossoming of the being = the blossoming of the place). I am aware that experiencing the self at 100% requires constant vigilance/consciousness, and that one’s own resources may be activated through the group of people involved in the same way.


Creating our rightful place

Being part of this community is a commitment to dream and to manifest the best version of ourselves in order to bring to life the vision in alignment with our profound aspirations. By nourishing confidence in our own motives and personal aptitudes, we find our rightful place, naturally creating our functions-missions within the collective, thus contributing to the realisation of the project.

Towards distributive governance

Shared modes of governance (such as sociocracy or holacracy) allow each individual to be involved in decision-making and in their respective actions. These value the proposals, reflections, and contributions on various skill levels, further empowering each one to act towards the realisation of the collective project. (see functional charter )

The Founding Vision at the heart of the decision-making process

We maintain our trust in the Founding Vision as well as in the originators who embody it, and we recognise that this vision creates authority.

In situations of conflict, we trust people’s capacity to use the available conflict resolution methods (functional charter) by leaning on the Founding Vision.

In the last resort, a conflict will be brought to the originators’ attention, who will, in turn, provide their advice, opinions and resolution on the situation. Thus keeping the Founding Vision intact and unaltered.

Being conscious of the expected challenges and how to face them

Many material or relational challenges will have to be overcome, which we know are inevitable in any human adventure. For this reason, we have defined several conflict resolution processes that each one would have to confidently and willingly engage in, should the need to do so arise. (see functional chart)

Addressing challenges of collective living

To this end, a series of charters will be elaborated collectively with regards to the habitant’s life habits and the hosting environment.


Bringing culture sharing to life / spreading the know-how

The diversity of talents is a force to develop: discovery or practice workshops are made available, so that we can - in all our simplicity and respect for each other’s freedom - experience a cultural breakthrough and sharing of the know-how. The place, secular by nature, welcomes activities that value different cultures, ways of being, thinking and behaving. It may also host artists in residence as well as founding a school.

A step further towards more hospitality

Regardless of their activities, the inhabitants participate in welcoming temporary residents during their workshops, visits or residency. The sense of hosting can be reflected in the maintenance of the place, in the practice of activities dedicated to the residents as well as in the moments of sharing, exchanges or in any other way. A balance between welcoming others and the need for personal and private space is respected for all.

For all seasons of life

Intergenerational ties are fostered by activities around sharing, mutual support and connection. Accommodation can be adapted to ageing people’s needs.


Balance: a more reasoned and conscious consumption

We choose to have responsible and ethical consumption for all kinds of food.

For example: eating meat bred in more ethical and respectful ways

We want to avoid excessive consumption of all kinds as well as the use of damaging and addictive substances.

Abundance: a vision of the ressources beyond first needs

The place provides safety to the being ensuring a major part of the essential needs are met (a shelter/a home, food). The time dedicated towards activities contributing towards personal growth, allows for the development of competencies as well as the profound self-discovery and development, allowing all to become creators of abundance and ‘wealth’. This virtuous circle results in us producing more than we consume.

Innovation hub

Hosting start-ups with enthusiastic entrepreneurs ready to launch projects aligned with the Founding Vision. Thus, the activities reflecting the spirit of the place can spread the Founding Vision through the initiation of similar projects.



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