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Le Champ du Présent : why choose this name?

This living space is intended for inhabitants or residents who have chosen to make their humanity grow by creating an environment and circumstances in which to thrive.

While most daily and professional activities are carried out in a race to do things, managing crises and stress, here we decide to do things differently: Living in the present. Putting the present moment into everyday life, a stop of consciousness in the race, a full breath to avoid breathlessness.

The present, a timeless space to inhabit

This is what we choose to do, by regularly practising in our daily lives, activities linked to conscious breathing (Taiji, Qigong, Sarbacana, Meditation...). By nurturing a peaceful, powerful, regenerative quality of being in this way, it inevitably gives everything we do the same peaceful, powerful, regenerative qualities.

A place to thrive in many ways

We thus become gardeners of the unique being that we are, responsible for activating the process of our inner growth. In this field of life, we can rejoice to live together, whilst remaining curious about our differences and enriching ourselves with the others’ beauty, as the seasons of life change. To do this, we choose to learn and use benevolent and effective ways of interacting and governing, contributing to the nourishment and development of a healthy collective. These tools are being developed from NVC for relationships and socio/holacracy for governance.

Le Champ du Présent, is both a physical space (the earthly place where we will settle) and an immaterial space (the present in which we live our existence in consciousness).

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