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Le Champ du Présent - Already Present

Updated: Sep 14, 2021


Even if we don't have a site yet, Le Champ Du Présent is already being lived and embodied:

  • through the crowdfunding launched thanks to the great co-creators who continue to/have offered the best of themselves...!

  • and also in our work meetings facilitated by our heart intelligence, the quality of our presence, the time of centering and the governance in Holacracy.

We also experience living and doing together in our monthly meetings where we practice meditation and breathwork together.

Immersion for 5 days with the meeting in flesh and blood of some co-creators and new members.

The physical place will allow us to implement our work on the land, but the essence of the Champ du Present is not solely dependent on a site. Thus it is built, progressively, in our humanity and our connection. A laboratory on the move! :-)

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